New “Tech” Season!

After a long hibernation from myself, Its about time to get back to work on some new projects! Tomorrow marks the first day of “Project Development” Which to my knowledge is a meeting based around future project ideas at TSA (Technology student association). I feel as though a robot competing in the “Automation” Competition would […]

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Update 2

An update on my finished Laser harp, and a small rant on my new project Idea for the summer.

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New Project!

My new Idea that I want to do is a “Lazer Harp”. I saw this online and thought “OMG THIS WOULD BE SO COOL!!!” (Original video My plans for this are using the AdaFruit 3mm beam IR sensor which is so cheap I can get 14 for under 30 dollars with the bulk discount at adafruit (Thank […]

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So I’m working on finishing my SSA project and I have a slight problem. It’s not that important but If I can solve it would make my project just look so much better. Right now, everything looks a little too, steampunky for say and I would like to make it a little less so. Doing that, […]

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Today I worked on getting my designs finalized. I have some pictures which I would attach below (Face reveal) Anyways today will probably be a small post as we’re having a lot of IT issues but here we go. I plan to make the bot modular so I can change it to hold my starbux pumpkin […]

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