Update 2

An update on my finished Laser harp, and a small rant on my new project Idea for the summer.

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New Project!

My new Idea that I want to do is a “Lazer Harp”. I saw this online and thought “OMG THIS WOULD BE SO COOL!!!” (Original video https://youtu.be/WkkhcwXpYy4) My plans for this are using the AdaFruit 3mm beam IR sensor which is so cheap I can get 14 for under 30 dollars with the bulk discount at adafruit (Thank […]

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So I’m working on finishing my SSA project and I have a slight problem. It’s not that important but If I can solve it would make my project just look so much better. Right now, everything looks a little too, steampunky for say and I would like to make it a little less so. Doing that, […]

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Today I worked on getting my designs finalized. I have some pictures which I would attach below (Face reveal) Anyways today will probably be a small post as we’re having a lot of IT issues but here we go. I plan to make the bot modular so I can change it to hold my starbux pumpkin […]

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Well, today we got to start prototyping our projects. For the tissue box, I settled on using an HC-SR04. This is a great, cheap, sensor that can detect things feet in front of it. It’s very accurate and fast as well. So I’ll stick the two eyes it has in the front of the box so it […]

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